Wave of smart initiatives raise public climate action

23 May 2016 | Mitigation

A series of real-world success stories that have raised awareness and mobilized action on climate change were shared at the 4th Dialogue on Action for Climate Empowerment at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, this week.

From a massive art installation projected onto the walls of the Vatican to a radio programme that reaches rural communities across Africa to a series of powerful videos narrated by celebrities, presenters at the Dialogue proved that there is no shortage of efforts that promote more sustainable ways of living.

The World Banks Group’s Connect4Climate initiative under the leadership of Lucia Grenna, for example, convened a coalition to project stunning images of nature, including people, animals and places, onto the Vatican in Rome last year. Speaking on behalf of Connect4Climate, Max Edkins said the visual display potentially reached 4.4 billion people through media coverage, and credits the power of coalitions with making the projection a reality. Watch a video summary of the event below.

Presenters at the Dialogue also proved that successful public awareness raising efforts don’t need to be complex to have a large impact. For example, in many parts of Africa, radio broadcasts in local languages are a lifeline to the community.

Florent Tiassou, a journalist with Bonn-based Deutsche Welle, founded Green Radio World to share best practices on climate change adaptation in Africa.

To date, Green Radio World has organized 10 radio training workshops for 125 journalists and broadcasters, and provided documents on best practices on adaptation and land management to support rural radio stations in African countries.

Conservation International, a Washington-based NGO, produced a series of award-winning videos narrated by celebrities. Shyla Raghav, presenting on behalf of the organization, said celebrities can help spread a message far and wide through their loyal (and large) fan base.

The Nature is Speaking film series features different celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Robert Redford and more, taking on the role of different aspects of nature, such as flowers, trees, ocean and ice. Watch the two videos Ms. Raghav presented at the Dialogue below.

Fiona May, Olympic medalist in the long jump and Permanent Representative at the Italian National Olympic Committee, spoke about sport as a vehicle for positive social change. As a high-profile athlete in Italy, Ms. May speaks frequently to her fans about the need to address climate change.

“The value of sport to connect people is immense,” she said.


SOURCE: newsroom.unfccc.int