We interviewed Florian Eickhold about the opening of Factor Ideas Germany GmbH

07 September 2017 | Mitigation

On the occasion of the opening of Factor Germany we interviewed Florian Eickhold, country manager and director of climate change for the company, to learn more about the history behind this bet of Factor for the German country.


Good morning, Florian. On the cover of Factor’s webpage there is a German flag and a photo of the Reichstag building. Does it have anything to do with the ongoing election campaign of the Bundestag?

(Laughter) No, no, after almost 5 years of successful work of Factor in Germany, the opening of a new office in Berlin was decided, which we are trying to underline with these symbols. Formally, we have established a GmbH based in Berlin.

How did this decision come about?

In Germany, we serve important clients from the world of business and politics in the fields of climate change and energy. In addition, important impulses have emerged from Berlin, towards our international projects. With our new office in Berlin we can strengthen dialogue with our local partners.

In Factor we are an international group of companies with offices in America, Asia and Europe and with the new opening, this network will be available to our German customers even more directly.

Would the company's approach in Germany be withdrawn from the CO2 trade?

No, on the contrary. We will be increasingly active in Germany as a trading partner of EUAs and CERs. Many small market operators will leave the business due to Mifid 2. Many airlines and industrial companies have decided to act through us instead of dealing with banks or oil companies. After the first few offers it quickly becomes apparent that we offer equal or better prices. Daily contact with industry and markets provides us with useful practical information for the design of strategic projects. However, as a country coordinator, I will also help promote other business areas of our Group. For example, on the topic of energy, more than two years ago we incorporated Mr. Hugo Lucas who is a recognized expert in renewable energy.

What makes Factor special?

Factor is a highly efficient and dynamic organization. Technically brilliant, and with a team of experts made up of technicians, academics, lawyers and economists working with a vision together. I especially like the innovative power of the company. In addition to the excellent network of consultants, located mainly in Spain and Latin America, which is undoubtedly an essential feature of the organization.

What is going on with the climate?

When I developed climate protection projects under the CDM 10 years ago, I thought that we would soon be able to deal with climate change, I am now 40 years old, I have two children, a decade has passed and there is still no global agreement on climate protection. Today is about adapting to climate change because it is here. However, I remain optimistic that the economy will move towards a low carbon footprint.


Source: Factor