WMO blames climate change for extreme heat

25 July 2018 | Adaptation

The World Meteorological Organization is blaming climate change for the extreme heat and droughts that are affecting many parts of the world.

The WMO held a news conference in Geneva on Tuesday about the extreme weather conditions over the past week.

An official mentioned that a new maximum daily temperature record for Japan of 41.1 degrees Celsius was set on Monday in the city of Kumagaya, near Tokyo.

The official said temperatures rose above 30 degrees in Norway and other parts of northern Europe, causing droughts and forest fires.

The official said that although it's not possible to attribute the individual events to climate change, this is consistent with scientific scenarios.

The WMO predicts that the extreme heat will continue for some time and that temperatures may rise to 53 degrees Celsius in Death Valley National Park in the US state of California.

The official warned that climate change is creating an environment in which extreme weather events occur more often and that intense heat will last longer.



Source: NHK