World spends $300bn on renewable energy in 2016

25 January 2017 | Mitigation

The Minister of Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu, has said that over 300 billion US dollars was spent globally in promoting renewable energy in 2016.

Onu made the disclosure on Monday in Abuja when he addressed newsmen during a World News Conference on developments and outcome of his recent visits to United Arab Emirate (UAE) and Ethiopia.

According to him, many countries are increasing the percentage contribution of the renewable energy to meet their energy needs.

“It was very clear that the world is moving towards renewable energy as the only sustainable way to make sure that energy access and energy security are achieved globally.

“For the first time, in 2016, the world spent over 300 billion US dollars in promoting renewable energy and it is important that the world recognises serious problems of climate change it is causing.

“The world is trying to move away from the use of fossil fuel that created this problem through the production of Carbon dioxide (CO2).

“So, basically what is happening now we want to preserve the environment and hand over our planet to our children and future generations  in a manner that  yet, they will find this planet habitable,“ he said.

Onu said he led a team representing Nigeria government to attend the seventh General Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency Arena.

According to him, Arena is an organisation that emphasises importance of the renewable energy and an intergovernmental organisation involving many countries from all the continents of the world.

“The major thrust of the arena is to ensure that the world will move away from fossil fuel to renewable energy by promoting the use of bio-energy, oceanic energy, solar energy , geothermal energy and hydro-power energy.

He said that it was important that energy was produced and utilised in a manner that was sustainable both in access and security which could only be through renewable energy.

Onu pointed out that during the seventh assembly, there were 120 countries that were accredited including Nigeria and over 150 organisations including the United Nations participated in the meeting.

He said Nigeria was elected as one of four Vice Presidents of Arena that would work to ensure success at the eight General Assembly that would take place in Jan. 13 and 14, 2018.

The minister said the main focus in Ethiopia was on effective control and if possible eradication of tsetse fly.
According to him, tsetse fly causes sleeping sickness both in livestock and human, which can lead to death and negative effect on national economy.

“In Ethiopia, they have the facility that has capacity that can produce between 10 and 15 million sterile male tsetse fly.
“The target is to reduce population of tsetse fly to below 10 per cent to ensure effective control and possibly complete eradication.

Onu stated that the Federal Government had planned to build ranges in many parts of the country to fight against tsetse fly to ensure food security in the nation.



Source: Business Day