Threat to Earth real, serious and immediate say 375 top scientists in shock warning

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016 | Mitigación

The group, which includes 30 Nobel Prize winners, warned that climate change is not just "a belief, a hoax, or a conspiracy." In an open letter, they warned that mankind risked crossing the "point of no return" and setting in motion events leading to extinction.

And they said the immediate cost included threats to national security, human health, food production, and the wider world of interconnected living things.

The letter from concerned members of the US National Academy of Sciences was released against the background of a fierce US presidential battle.

It took aim Republican candidate Donald Trump, who said he would take America out of the Paris climate change deal agreed earlier this year.

World leaders struck the deal as scientists warned that only immediate action could avert an apocalyptic rise in future sea levels. Any backtracking now would have "severe and long-lasting consequences" for the whole world, the open letter predicted.

It comes as NASA scientist Gavin Schmidt warned that the scorching summer may have been the hottest for millennia. "There is now very robust evidence that the past decade was likely Earth’s warmest in more than a thousand years," he said. "There is somewhat more tentative but nonetheless compelling evidence that we have moved into territory unseen in more than a hundred thousand years."

Last month, experts warned that another wave of mass migration could hit the West as rising temperatures render parts of the world uninhabitable.


Source: Daily Star